LiveProject is Cloud e-learning platform running on Bluemix enabling students to build their web/mobile/IoT academic projects anywhere, anytime & thus showcase their tech skills to potential employers for jobs and internships.

LiveProject Platform powered by IBM Bluemix is based on feedback from Colleges and students who desire a simple system and less running around to complete their projects.

With LiveProject, you will be able to:

  • Track and monitor all the projects in your college on one platform,  streamline and showcase the same for Grants etc.
  • Provide opportunity for students to learn latest technologies like cloud computing, big data, IoT, analytics, mobile etc.
  • Provide opportunity to build project with all latest IT tools like Git, Stack Overflow, remote support, collaboration etc.
  • Help the students to get corporate ready and get better placement.

Here is how IBM Bluemix is being talked about in Colleges around Tamil Nadu:

Sri. C. Valliappa Chairman, Sona College of Technology, Salem said, “We believe in educating students to be industry ready. This association with IBM is a step towards that direction. Bluemix platform has given opportunities for the young minds of Sona to transform their innovative ideas into products and become successful entrepreneurs. With an exposure to IBM Bluemix, students will be equipped to develop many innovative apps for the society.

Ms. Robyn Selge, Director, Ecosystem Development, IBM Asia Pacific said, “There will be  huge requirements for qualified developers with expertise in Bluemix platform for building, managing and running applications of all types, such as web, mobile, big data, and smart devices. This platform provides extensive support for scalability and security of applications ported”

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