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In India, BNI has 22,185 members and present in 58 cities with a total of 446 chapters and 8,411 Crore Referral Business passed in 2018!

Announcing BNI Champions, the latest BNI Chapter in Chennai that will launch on 8th August 2018. Come and join us!

Call Sudhir Shenoy (99400 60244) or Sajeesh (9962612360) for more.

With over 2 lakh members worldwide, Business Network International (BNI) is the world’s largest business networking and business referral organization.

BNI offers members a platform to develop relations with businessmen from various sectors in the city and helps them get referrals to expand. BNI has a strict system under which we operate and ensures that members are present at every weekly meeting. We meet every Friday at 7 AM at The Hotel Abu Sarovar, Egmore so that it does not interfere with office hours. Each member is required to understand the business of other members and membership is by referrals only. Each chapter has only one slot open to a representative from a particular profession.

Current open slots are:
1. Restaurant
2. Electrical Contractor
3. Mobile App Development
4. Application Development
5. HR
6. Printer
7. LED Lamps
8. Business Intelligence
9. BPO

and many many more

Call Sudhir Shenoy (9940060244) or Sajeesh (9962612360) for more or just buy online and meet us at The Taj Coromandel on 8th August! See you there!

Check out the BNI Chennai website for additional info.

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