1. Name of the Organization and Primary Business Activity
We are Blogs and Courses, Chennai, India (supported by a partner ecosystem spanning 7 cities/towns in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka). We have two divisions: Content and Technology.

Our Content Division focuses on content writing, content creation, and content marketing services. We also advertise and promote your content pieces and digital marketing gigs on our site, https://blogsandcourses.com. We provide online content writing and content marketing services.

Our Technology Division specializes in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions that optimize educational and recruitment processes. Our cloud platform brings students and employers together, helping both to raise students’ IT skills and to match them with employers who need those skills. As a result of this innovative approach, we are the first company in India to achieve IBM Coding School status. Here's more on that.

2. Proposed Project
Accelerating placement for Students - focus on employable factors in IT hiring

3. Context
In the technology sector, it’s commonly felt that standard university degrees don’t equip students with the skills that today’s employers are looking for. Our Tech Division wants to change that by providing e-learning services that help students gain highly relevant key skills such as Android and web front-end development. We also see an opportunity to change the way the technology job market works by building a closer relationship between education and recruitment.

We envisaged a platform that would not only help students gain valuable coding skills, but would also showcase their potential to employers. By keeping track of each student’s courses, grades, and projects, we would be able to build them a dynamic, searchable résumé. Employers would then be able to search these résumés and easily identify entry-level programmers with the right skills and experience to succeed in their organization.

To turn this vision into a reality, we collaborated with IBM and built a technology platform on IBM Bluemix that would be easily accessible by both students and employers across the whole of India. It also needed the flexibility to customize the platform to meet the specific needs of education partners such as universities and IT training schools.

4.  Proposed Project Rationale
Each year, millions of new graduates enter the job market; yet according to some estimates, 75 percent or more have difficulty finding employment. Even students who have been hired by IT companies need additional training and 'hand-holding' to make them productive. We attempt to bridge this gap through our Platform.

5. Project Goals and Objectives
a. Help students learn to code on latest technologies like JavaScript and Android that can help them get placed faster.
b. Introduce the concept of flexible learning - a combination of classroom teaching complemented by online coursework and follow up.
c. Help students to be placed particularly those from rural towns unable to travel to major cities for learning/mentoring.

6. Project Strategy/ Listing of Project Activities
a. We showcase platform to interested students (through training partners)
b. Students select desired courses/modules and enroll through colleges or training partners
c. We work with training partners to tailor content and coursework
d. Our training partners impart classroom teaching complemented by our e-learning platform of over a 2-3 month period (depends on course and module selection)
e. Students’ progress is monitored and analytics deployed to motivate the student to achieve better
f. We work with its recruiting partners to showcase graduating students to potential employers

7. Expected Results
We are targeting 15 - 20% increase in the number of placements with the following benefits:
a. Increase in average CTC per student
b. Reduction in average time to get placed
c. Right fit placement (mapping student to a company)

8. Innovation: How different it is for other or earlier projects?
a. Flipped classroom model (student reads and then comes to class to clarify doubts)
b. Coding editor built for students to make it easier to learn to program
c. Students get to build mobile and web apps and host it on IBM Cloud for free (till the duration of course) through project wizard
d. Job tracker with a dynamic resume generator

9. Organizational Background, including the expertise and experience
Founders with 20 years’ experience in IT Industry both India and abroad; Extensive contacts in Startup Ecosystem; Program Leader of Startup Leadership Program, Chennai.

We are an IBM Business Partner and Analytics partner and India's 1st IBM Coding School. We have conducted several workshops in different colleges of Chennai, Madurai & Coimbatore.
Some press talk about us: Dataquest, Voice & Data, BISInfotech, eWeek, Your Story, Cloud Tweaks, and in ‘The New Indian Express’.

10. Budget Estimate
The fee varies from INR 999 – INR 2499 ($15 - $36) per student - depending on requirements for premium modules and duration - from 1 month to 3 months.

Core Modules:
1. Coursebook
2. Coding Practice
3. Profile

Premium Modules:
1. Assessments
2. Live Project
3. Job Tracker

11. Contact Details
Blogs and Courses
Kanchipuram District, Chennai 600073,
Tamil Nadu, India

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