AI has seen exponential growth in the market. Facebook, IBM, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and other tech titans are deeply researching into Artificial Intelligence (AI) and increasing their R&D budget.

AI startups such as Sentient Technologies and Rethink Robotics recently received funding worth millions, respectively. AI Funding is at a historical peak.

So, why are these giants and VCs of Silicon Valley pumping millions and investing heavily in projects relating to AI? Got to be something about AI – right?

One reason for this boom is that these machines are able to perform particular tasks more efficiently and effectively than humans can.

AI is not tangible, but emotion, and this is why it’s so incredible. Robots differed from human beings because they couldn’t experience emotions in the way we did. Well, guess what? Now they can!

AI machines are like virtual humans. To some, chess and Go may be just board games, but the victories of IBM’s Deep Blue and Google’s AlphaGo in competitions have shown that machines can think, analyze, and react at a greater level than humans.

In 1950, computer scientist Alan Turing developed a test to analyze how close to an actual human being the machine was in terms of knowledge and actions. The Turing Test involved a panel of judges conversing with a chatbot. If the bot’s replies were close to that of a normal human being, it had passed the test.

Cleverbot, Siri, and Cortana are examples of bots which can hold a conversation with a human without any external help.

Over the years, AI has been getting closer and closer to humans. Mimicking language is one thing, but actually understanding and inferring is quite another. The danger occurs when AI starts replicating humans, essentially replacing them in their line of work.

Many fear that AI robots will steal jobs, but it also creates new jobs. A search on the US tech-job site this week revealed over 5000 AI jobs. Job roles listed included:

  • Data Scientist
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • AI Application Developer
  • Game Developer

Artificial Intelligence has gained prevalence over the past few years, both in cinema and in the real world. AI used to be frightening, and movies such as ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, ‘Terminator’, and ‘I, Robot’ portrayed it as something terrifying. The AI in these movies had malicious intent and sought to harm the human.

A successful example of AI usage is the photo enhancing app Prisma. Developed by the people at Prisma Labs, it makes photos look like works of art. The app uses AI to convert the user’s pictures into complex paintings. Prisma doesn’t just apply a filter to the photos, it redesigns the picture in an amazing way.

However, the Tay fiasco on Twitter showed the dark side of AI. It caused a PR nightmare for Microsoft and showed just how much AI had to improve to fit in with our world.

Don’t miss the AI boom. It is here to stay.

Investors know that Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing. Dependence on AI is increasing, and so is the demand for AI experts.

Don’t get left behind. Prepare for the AI boom! Make sure your own job is secure before fretting over what will happen when AI takes over the world.

Published by srinath

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